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Over 350 Species of choice and unusual plants for rock and alpine gardens.

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Khadia alticola


2” x 4”

Low succulent clumps of densely arranged pointy leaves and unique large soft pink flowers. S. Africa.


Currently unavailable


Kirengeshoma palmata


Yellow Wax-Bells

to 3’

Pendulous fleshy yellow bells are borne in late summer on arching stems over light green maple-like foliage. Japan, Korea


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Kniphofia caulescens


Blue-leaf Red Hot Poker

2-3’ x 1’

Glaucous blue strap-like foliage makes a grand structural statement in the garden with spikes of rich terracotta orange and soft yellow flowers in late summer. One of the hardiest torch lilies. S. Africa.     


Currently unavailable

t Kniphofia hirsuta

Kniphofia hirsuta


to1’ x 1’

A petite red hot poker with free-blooming multiple flower spikes of coral-red to pale yellow-green produced in early summer over mounds of rough narrow blue-green leaves. One of the best and quite hardy for us. S. Africa


Currently unavailable

t Kniphofia stricta 2008 297

Kniphofia strictus

to 15”

A striking species with rich tangerine buds opening to yellow pendulous flowers over clumps of erect leaves with rolled margins. S. Africa.


Currently unavailable


    Koeleria cristata     ‘Little One’


Prairie Junegrass

 to 8”

Clumps of fine skinny leaves and long fuzzy spikes of pale silvery-green flowers in May – July. Pawnee Buttes.        


Currently unavailable


Koeleria glauca ‘Coolio’

 Blue Hair Grass

 8” x 8”

Neat mounds of attractive blue foliage and wheat-like plumes in late spring to early summer. Europe, Asia.


Currently unavailable


Koeleria macrantha

   12-18”   x 12”

This Prairie June Grass produces lustrous light green seedheads that turn silver-green when mature over basal tufts of bright green tapered leaves that are tinged gray-green. USA, Europe, Asia.     


Currently unavailable


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