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Catalog 2017

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Aster pattersonii

Machaeranthia pattersonii


Purple Tansy Aster, Sticky Aster

8” x 6”

Masses of lustrous violet-purple daisy-like flowers in late summer-fall. Rocky Mts.


Currently unavailable

Maihunia poepiggii

Maihuenia poepiggii


 3” x 8”

Showy multi-petalled bowl-shaped yellow  flowers with a silky sheen are born in late spring to summer on erect spiny cushions covered in  cylindrical fleshy leaves. Chile, Argentina at high altitude in volcanic ash fields.


Currently unavailable


Malva moschata


Musk Mallow

2-3’ x 2’

A very decorative addition to any garden forming a bushy mound of deeply cut leaves that have a soft musky fragrance and lovely pink hibiscus-like flowers in summer. Tolerant of dry shade. Attractive to butterflies Europe, Asia.


Currently unavailable

Marrubium globosum

Marrubium globosum


6” x 12”

Soft sea-green leaves with scalloped edges  covered in white furry felt have an appeal all of their own with insignificant yellow flowers in summer. Turkey. 


Currently unavailable


Marsilea mucronata

Shamrock Fern


6” x 12”

A fast spreader with  delicate shamrock-shaped fronds and ornate, hairy, nutlike sporocarps that become conspicuous in late summer. Surprisingly, this fern has performed as well in our dry sunny rock garden as in moist shade. TX, CO, on the plains.


Currently unavailable

Marshalia grandiflora

Marshallia grandiflora


Barbara’s Buttons

18” x 10”

Pinkish-mauve scabiosa-like flowers over clumps of glossy bright evergreen leaves in early to mid summer. e USA.


Currently unavailable


Matthiola montana


6” x 9”

Compact tufts of white downy leaves present  fragrant violet flowers in summer followed by slender two-horned seed pods. Turkey.


Currently unavailable


Meconopsis cambrica


Welsh Wood Poppy

to 1’ x 10”

A hardy orange poppy for shade! Unlike its stunning blue-flowered Himalayan cousins, this plant is happy in climates with hot summers. LSO   




Mertensia alpina


Alpine Bluebells

5” x 4”

A choice small alpine plant with terminal clusters of slender bright blue tubular flowers with flaring petals Rocky Mts.


Currently unavailable

Mertensia maritima 2

Mertensia maritima 

3” x 12”

Dense clusters of bright blue flowers, pink in bud, dangle from low sprawling stems carrying lovely steely blue leaves. n USA 


Currently unavailable

Mertensia viridis

Mertensia viridis v. cana


5” x 9”

Beautiful compact clusters of fragrant nodding sapphire flowers terminate stems dressed in narrow gray-green leaves. Rocky Mts.  


Currently unavailable


Mimulus lewisii



to 2’ x 1’

Bicolored flowers of rose-pink and yellow are borne in late summer over colonies of wavy-edged, finely toothed foliage. w USA


Currently unavailable

Mimulus primuloides

Mimulus primuloides


 2” x 5”

Bright yellow, red speckled flowers on  short slender stems emerge from vigorous mats of small hairy rosettes. w USA.


Currently unavailable


Monarda fistulosa


 Bee Balm, Wild Bergamot

 1-3‘ x 2’

Spicy scented pink-lavender flowers with distictive bracts underneath, attract multitudes of butterflies and bees throughout summer. USA


Currently unavailable


Muhlenbergia montana


 Mountain Muhly

1-2’ x 1’

A heavily tufted perennial grass with light green leaves and loose narrow panicles of yellow blooms in June-July. w USA.    


Currently unavailable


Muhlenbergia reverchonii

Autumn Embers Muhly Grass

18” x 2’

Fine-textured foliage turns a lovely tawny brown in winter after an autumnal reddish-pink froth of flowers. One of the finest N. American grasses and surprisingly hardy, trialed with success by Lauren & Scott Ogden in their n Colorado garden for 6 years and introduced into the trade by them. TX, OK.                      


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