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Over 350 Species of choice and unusual plants for rock and alpine gardens.

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t Ranunculus gramineus with Aethionema thomasii

Ranunculus graminea


12” x 6”

Glistening lemon yellow buttercups over grassy tufts of slender blue-green leaves. Europe, n Africa


Currently unavailable


Raoulia australis ‘White’


New Zealand Scab Plant

 1/2” x 6”

A superb foliage plant with bright silver-white flat mats that slowing spread into hard flat pancakes adorned with inconspicuous flowers with yellow-tipped bracts. Looks good draped off the side of a trough.


Currently unavailable


Raoulia australis ’Green’

1/2” x 6”

Same as above but with light gray-green foliage.


Currently unavailable


Rhodanthemum sp. (Asteraceae)

Moroccan Daisy

 4” x 8”

Pretty white daisies slightly tinted with raspberry-pink towards their large yellow centers over finely cut blue-gray foliage. Morocco.


Currently unavailable


Rhododendron hyperythrum



This species has a compact and rounded form with shiny dark green leathery leaves, their edges rolled under, with distinguishable reddish pits on the undersides of the leaves. In spring it produces an abundance of white to pink open funnel-form flowers, held in trusses of 10 or more. Hardy to –15F (We’ll see!) Taiwan


Currently unavailable


Rhodohypoxis milloides


Pink Star Grass

 3” x 3”

Basal tufts of narrow lance-shaped hairy leaves and bears a succession of magenta flowers in spring-early summer. Supposedly hardier than R. baurii, but still on trial for us. S. Africa.



Rosa pulverulenta 2

Rosa pulverulenta


Lebanon Rose

18” x 15”

A lovely dwarf alpine rose with cup-shaped pink flowers in early summer over dense mounds of glossy pine scented foliage. Bright red rose hips complete the show in late fall.  Turkey


Currently unavailable


Rosularia globulariifolia (Crassulaceae)

2” x 4”

A lovely succulent with flat leaves and greenish-white flowers.


Currently unavailable


Rosularia chrysantha Turkish Hens & Chicks

3” x 6”

Colonies of unique clumping, succulent, red-tinged lime-green velvety rosettes and cream-yellow bell-shaped flowers in early summer.


3 1/2”



Rosularia rechingeri


4” x 12”

Soft pink flowers on short stems in summer over mounds of multiple rosettes, tinged bronze. Turkey.


Currently unavailable

Rudbeckia hirta 2

Rudbeckia hirta


Black-eyed Susan

 to 2’

An attractive taller species for the  dryland garden, with amazing flowers of bright golden-orange petals and deep purple-brown  centers from summer into fall. w USA. 


Currently unavailable


  Rudbeckia triloba       ‘Prairie Glow’

 to 3’ x 3’

Rich garnet stems hold large, stunning gold and burgundy pinwheels in midsummer to fall. Attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. LSO   


Currently unavailable


Ruschia pulvinaris


3” x 12”

An outstanding and hardy Mesemb from S. Africa, with rosettes of short stiff succulent leaves forming compact mounds adorned in summer with masses of bright fushia-pink flowers.


Currently unavailable


Ruschia putterillii

6“ x 12”

Woody subshrub with gray-green succulent leaves and bright hot pink flowers in summer. S. Africa


Currently unavailable


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