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Over 350 Species of choice and unusual plants for rock and alpine gardens.

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 Dear Cherished Customers

I regret writing this, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I have decided to NO LONGER SELL RETAIL PLANTS BY MAIL ORDER.

I want to sincerely thank all our new and loyal customers who have repeatedly ordered over the past 25+ years! I can already feel the disappointment in the air, but there are several awesome nurseries out there to order from and I hope you will support them. This is truly a profession of passion over making lots of money (for most of us) and it can be extremely trying at times.

We will continue to sell to our wholesale customers throughout the state of Colorado as well as a few others in the U.S. so I hope you support your local garden centers as well. We will also continue to participate in several of our local plant sales at Denver Botanic Gardens.

Please disregard the availability list that follows as it is not current and until we drop the whole website it will remain up for the time being, but PLEASE DO NOT SEND AN ORDER (no exceptions please).

With Sadness & Immense Gratitude!

Karen Lehrer - rock/alpine perennials

Kirk Fieseler - conifers

To request a retail conifer list, please email Kirk at [email protected]

Laporte Avenue Nursery 1950 Laporte Avenue Fort Collins, CO 80521

Laporte Avenue Nursery Fort Collins Colorado
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Open to the public by appointment only

Laporte Avenue Nursery rock and alpine gardens plants alpine and rock garden plant nursery

General Information

Laporte Avenue Nursery is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, between the foothills that guard our majestic Rocky Mountains to the west and the high plains to the east. At an altitude of 5,000 feet our weather is usually sunny and dry with infrequent periods of high winds and precipitation Winter temperatures can drop to –20F, and summer temperatures can rise to 100F. When our weather changes it usually happens very quickly. According to Hortus Third we are in zone 5 (–20F to –10F).

Most of our plants are hardy from zones 4-9, but we believe plants respond as much to the moisture content of the soil, wind and the intensity of the winter sun as to temperature. We heartily endorse finding out as much as possible about the conditions that prevail where a particular plant grows in the wild.


Spring is an excellent time to plant!

We take pride in providing a choice and unusual plant selection of hardy species which are unavailable in most parts of the country.

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Gift Certificates

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Laporte Avenue Nursey grows over 350 species of plants, including some new to cultivation but well adapted to the rock garden situation.

The perfect gardening gift for any occasion! We can mail the certificate with a personal message from you along with our most recent catalog or send it directly to you to present yourself.

A Wholesale Price List is available on request!

Please be patient with us while we fine tune this web site. We are trying our best to bring you images and information about the plants we are growing. We will be continuously updating our photo library and availability of our plants. Any comments or corrections you wish to advise us of would be appreciated at [email protected] Thank You!

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